Jesus Christ Is the Lord


We are saved by our testimony that we hold and the word of God

I am Chief Musician David Blake Mercer and welcome to my site!

Born 2/18/1990 at Fort Hood, Texas

Miracle Baby, Baptized and Born Again Christian :-) at 24

Been living in California since 1993

Conquored death more times then I have fingers and toes

First Graduating Class of 08' at Pleasant Grove

Performed at many events, some sold out, most thus far 12,000+ at X-Fest 2016

Offered Record Deal at 21, declined because did not include friends

self published at 23 thanks to Amoeba's and Street Light Records, 0 sold

as of 2019 I have sold over 1,000 copies on my own  

I have the ability to play any instrument as well as an active gamer since I was 3 influncing my style. I have taken many classes and can read and write sheet music. I began producing and writing original works using FL Studio 8 which I got from my friend Ian (Rewriter) Steuer back in 2006 until 2008 releasing the following EP's: "Synthetix", "Shirt Stain", "Purpose" and my side project 8-Bit bonanza's "Press Start". The highlights during this era was getting my songs "Blowhole" as Dolphin Strangler feat. Poop (Now known as NotRlyJamie) on The Best Of VFlaw.netz compilation CD and 2 short songs on's "Heavy Troopa is Ready to Launch" 3 disc compilation. 


2010-2012: Occupation

Before the end of 09' I got a new computer and released a Holiday Special "A Horrorchip Halloween" and a quick set of "Ninja Cuts" to remind everyone on the internet that I was still alive and as it became 2010 my return to music was done with "I'm Back" followed by my first LP "Live" which was recorded in my studio/closet. Released on (now known as and posted it up on a couple other sites. It got some people on the mercer meme train after I had participated in a few producer contests and an online rap battle tournement in which I made it to the semi-finals and lost against the site's admin Danger Aaron. MC Cliff B was cool enough to write a review for me and you can see the articles and the battles at and search for David Mercer that's how I find them. It took me almost a year after "Live" was released to acctual perform live, I began performing at the local open mic nights in Stockton, CA and I did alright even though i was so nervous about it. I had been on stage before as a drummer in a band called Wilson Way which was named after the hooker street in our town, we played every venue in the city with our last show being the best considering we had the biggest pits and got paid a couple bucks. On top of that every song we played was off the top of our heads, we just jammed and had a few friends who were not even in the band jump on stage and sang with us cus are real singer and bassist had to leave before we went on. I felt that we were going to get big fast cus right after that I booked us two shows at the Modesto Virtual, a cool venue where i saw White Chapel at even though their singer was sick and he couldn't be on the tour they had another guy from one of the other bands fill in and it was sick! Anyways I digress, our lead singer (who started the band) left to start another project and that was the end of my drumming days. I decided to work with two friends who I started bands with in the past called The Three Caballeros aka Liquid Vengence, We had a group of friends called Team Woo in response to the other local group Team Beer which oddly enough both groups knew everyone and the only difference was beer vs weed. We took that name and applied it towards our music but you can click the link above for the rest of that story. Now I was performing with 2 friends every week at open mics making it easier for me to feel comfortable on stage so I decided to begin work on "Sophmorecore" which was released in 2011 and contained my first freestyle track, yeah I practice doing that. I should mention by this time I had lost my job and pretty much everything but my car that i lived in for 6 months and my laptop. The album was recorded at friend's houses that I wound up staying at for a while but it was cool because it was the two dudes from Team Woo.  Then living conditions became a question towards the end of the year but my good buddy joe aka WideHondo on xbox live aka Chunk from the SSS Podcast (link above) let me live with him and yeah the podcast came shortly after that with Spratzaman's blessing and hosting. I lost my car when it broke down on the way to a job orientation in the next town over and that sucked trust me but the year was good in the land of Woo due to the groups debut album that was finished but only had a few demos recorded and the release of my 2nd album and lots of live shows. The highlight of the year was Team Woo's performance at a sold-out event "Something To Do In Stockton" with at least 100 people in a new venue and all the profit, about 500$, went to orphans. Also are friend Carl of Alter Egoz really loved us and even went as far as setting up a photoshoot and got us custom shirts to perform in and hooked us up with a local crew of local musicians called The HipHop Congress. Team Woo's last show was my 22nd birthday show feb 2012 but pressed on with the release of "Dark Jedi" which was recorded in an abandoned house me and my girlfriend at the time Raquel Ping aka Babygurl stayed at. Towards the end of the year I had to go on hiatus and put everything on hold to get a job and to get back on my feet and that's what happened when i left to Lodi, the next town over where I got all kinds of work. Then I got very deep into the illuminati and freemasons which acctually are all over Stockton even though I never noticed until it was pointed out to me. After some life changing events and a trip to San Fransisco I decided that I had put enough energy into my investigations and political work and needed to return to music since 2012 didn't consist of the death of the world :)

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This is the news section with upadates about all the things I'm currently working on!

Lord willing I am going to keep going towards Heaven on a bridge with Jesus Christ, The fun part is writing Pslams for God!

The SSS Broadcast is ready to be aired on the radio, I am going to try and find some stations!

there is a new album ready to be recorded and released!

I have a laptop and need a key for FL Studio.


New Halloween Album almost finished. :-)

release date 10/21/2019


 total site visits :-)


Since the World did not end in 2012 I started 2013 off by organizing all of my stuff and updating the site :-) and published the album "World Changer" as Mister Thoughts as was invited to LA to perform with Roger of The Assasynths.
 Right after the LA show on 4/6/13 a chance to open at a San Quinn show in San Jose on May 17th for 300+ people presented itself. In order to perform I'd have to sell 25 tickets at $20 each but I would also get an additional 75 tickets to sell for my own personal gain which is a potential $1,500. To bad I didn't live closer to the venue, being too far away to really find people that would be willing to go sucks so I Had to let this pass and wait for the next shot, which came shortly after in Sacramento. This chance only required 10 tickets sold at $10 each and I go through Sac a lot so I would have a great shot at making a good profit. This is when my career starts to pay off but in the meantime I journeyed afar to the East Bay of California and spent 2 weeks promoting my first ever album that was recorded in good studios, had custom artwork with jeweled casing and above all was going to be on the shelves of Rasputin and Amoeba Records! 
It has now been 6 months since I published my new CD and I'm about to hit 100 copies sold all over CA! I have traveled from Glendale to Mt. Shasta and everywhere in between with special performances along the way including for some college students. People keep interviewing me, including local news, about politics and the economy. My total of different ufos has grown to 3 and I've now seen them each fly over me at least once. The people in postitons of power have no idea what is going on, I've spoken to many cops and other city workers plus people of both business and education. I pray for help, a rapture or anything would be nice in this time of darkness... 
So I went to the Masonic Temples, these secret societies are in plain sight in all the cities I have visited and most are downtown my city hall. I confronted them about the lucifer stuff and told them about my family and dreams but they just pretended like they were only there for coffee. I now believe that they are the church of satan and the eye that they use is "the eye of molech" from the bible, simply put they have been the men behind the curtains since the ancient Summarians. They have been the planners of almost all the world's wars and will be responsible for this upcoming World War Three and holocaust after Jesus returns and those with the Holy Spirit are taking away with him in the clouds. If you want to know more first off be cautious because researching this evil conspiricy can consume a lot of your life but if you still seek information then I will tell you after the last 4 years of researching I will save you some time with the below facts that I believe in. 
1. First off God is the Word, called Jehovah and Jesus is his son the messiah who died for all the world, and he is the father of all creation. I have met a good amount of people who have met him in dreams and or visions, he is described as a great big white light named Jehovah and yes Jesus was his son sent here to trap the world's sins in the flesh. All according to Messa, a guy I met who had recently died and met him, that is what he told me God told him so yea ever since then I felt like God sent me a messenger and now I have my own place again all because of my step-dad loving me and wanting to help, they said God is love..
2. The aliens are not what they claim, they are the fallen angels and/or their descendents of angels according to the Book of Enoch, a mssing book (among a few) that were taken out by the clearly infiltrated vatican.
3. I saw a rainbow starship fly right over my head less then 100 yards above me in Berkeley CA, I have seen them in the distance but this time it was RIGHT OVER ME and I saw it was red on the bottom with 4 white lights in the shape of an X and the top was flashing rainbow colors. Look into The Voynich Manuscript (skull and bones at yale have the acctual book) and The galactic Federation of Light for more info. 
4.Almost every mythological creature existed or still exists, look into the story of Tartarus the bottomless pit in the center of the earth, the shamans I met at Mt. Shasta said they had seen big foot and gnomes many times on the mountain and that they come out from the caves. Also a friend of mine told me his brother had went to go throw out trash and he saw what you would imagine them to look like, Gnomes digging through his trash like racoons and when they saw him they ran and went undergroud through a tunnel. I have only seen mythical creatures in my dreams a couple times but never in person but I still believe. Faith. 
Now I know what I know and look forward to continue down this path of extraordinary learning of the true wonders of the universe. I do not know how long I have until Jesus comes back and the trials and tribulations begin but I do know we are supposed to have more blood moons first. I pray every day thank you God for letting me still be alive to enjoy his wonderous creations. Please Jesus come and help stop the killuminati, Amen. 
God bless you all, Jesus will be returning soon according to the prophesy, I mean we recently had a blood moon pass just like the book of Acts speaks of. <3 And sure enough 3 nights ago I had a dream I saw Jesus Christ in a white robe with lots of brown hair and a beard, he was coming in the clouds. A little girl from my chruch had a vision of Jesus and he told her he loves her and he is coming soon!
Baptism!!! After 24 years I have finally received one and about a month or so afterwards received the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues! That same night at 3am my grandmother passed away to heaven, how do I know this you ask? Well a week later my mother had a dream she saw her young again with a white gown and a halo in heaven smiling at her! Around two months after this I quit smoking marijuana and was sober from everything and 7 days after I threw my pipe in the dumpster, I had a dream I was raptured!!!

"Shirt Stain" 2006
"Synthetix" 2006
"Purpose" 2007
 "Press Start" 2007
"Ninja Cutz" 2009
"A HorrorChip Halloween" 2009
"I'm Back" 2009
 "Live" 2010
 "Sophmorecore" 2011
 "Dark Jedi" 2012
  "The Cookie Monstrosity" 2013
 "World Changer" 2013     
"A Never Ending Album" 2014
Coming soon!
"Untitled Album" 2019




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2015-2019 Hiatus to Success

February 18th 2015 I have now been alive for a quarter of a century!!! Enrolled into Delta College and moved back to Stockton and began a new album.

As 2016 came around there has been a flux in existince, at the turn of the new year things changed, a force swept through, I am still standing for the LORD JESUS. To be ready for his return, prayer and fasting, even though it may be difficult (he understands) helps. Please Holy Spirit, guide all of us to be ready for the Marriage Supper of the Lamb in the name of Jesus Christ!

During 2016 I performed at X-Fest with over 12,000 people in attendance!

other then that it has been a hiatus from 2015-2019 until 2020 the year of commitment. 

I need to copyright my material, organize and master my work.