Jesus Christ Is the Lord


We are saved by our testimony that we hold and the word of God

I was born at Fort Hood Texas and had seizures and only survived because of a prayer in Jesus name I am baptized and born again Christian who confesses Jesus is the Son of God and the Lord and savior God in the flesh and died and rose again in three days


All thanks be to God in Jesus name -KJV 1611


I am  a chief musician and film maker and Cook

with highlights being self published on the radio and in record stores

I have performed at venues and private events with the biggest being a music festival with over 12,000 people in attendance 

With T-Pain and Suicidal Tendencies as headliners 


All my life I have been able to play any instrument and specialize with drums and computers and video games since I was 3 years old and moved to California and when I was 16 Ian "Rewriter" Stuerer gave me FL Studio for free and introduced me to Vyncent Flaw members Mike Diva and Maxx Jenga who are now successful in Hollywood at the Crest Theater in Sacramento and their music forum (aka that came from the MSI forum whom Mike eventually made a music video for where I released 3 EP's "Synthetix" and "Purpose" and "Shirt Stain" where the meme of the shirt stain came from respectively that was only water and the best of compilation CD that had the song Blowhole by (me) Dolphin Strangler featuring poop (James "NotRlyJamie" Mclanahan) after the websites ended I joined and participated in a few compititions and made it to the semi-finals against site administrator Danger Aaron I also had 8-Bit Bonanza with the EP release "Press Start" along with songs on Compilation discs. 


The Three Caballeros practiced in the basement

  •  David Mercer - Drums
  • Michael Arceo - Guitar and Vocals
  • Jarrod Duncan - Bass and Vocals

we then formed the band NotSlip and did our first show and had a mosh pit (and then became more serious and became a five piece metal band Liquid Vengeance*)

  • David Mercer* - Vocals/Drums
  • Michael Arceo* - Vocals
  • Jarrod Duncan* - Bass
  • Stephanie - Bass
  • Alex - Bass
  • Aaron "Monkey" Olveras*- Guitar
  • Aaron* - Guitar
  • Syd - Drums 
  • Justin Cisenaros - Keyboard

I then joined Wilson Way and we performed at every venue of Stockton and were doing great each time including having the biggest mosh pit with like 40 people the band is now X Malcolm X and last I heard they opened up for Escape The Fate

  • Bart Travis Lee - Guitar
  • Stephen Becerra - Vocals
  • David Mercer - Drums
  • Alex - Bass

Team Woo

  • David Mercer "New Z-land" Vocals and programming
  • Michael Arceo "My2K - Vocals
  • Jarrod Duncan "JMFD" - Vocals
  • William Cousinov "Mufasa" - Vocals

In 2010 I was laid off from the railroad and had released the EP "I'm Back" been working on my first LP "Live" and released it on and starting performing solo and in 2011 the year of the woo happened and my group of friends known as Team Woo (weed) had a rivalry with Team Beer and the music group was formed and the few songs we still have are bonus tracks on my 2nd LP "Sophomorecore" that I released the same year. We were given free custom shirts from Carl Wickham who now works for Apple computers and performed at many events and had a street team of 15 people and at our biggest event it was sold out with over 100 in attendance and helped raised $500 for orphans and I was offered a record deal and turned it down because it did not include my friends and they wound up quitting on me anyways during this time my fiance and I broke up and I released the LP's "Dark Jedi" and "The Cookie Monstrosity"


In 2013 one of the occupy movement leaders named Mama Jude invited me to join and I brought with me my first published LP "World Changer" as Mister Thoughts that Andrew Dunham helped me record and it was featured on UC Berkeley's FM Radio station and in Street Light and Amoeba records in California it sold 0 copies in stores but over 1,000 on my own and someone nice described that as street platinum :-) the most I made was over $200 in a day from the streets.








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This is the news section with upadates about all the things I'm currently working on!

Lord willing I am going to keep going towards Heaven on a bridge with Jesus Christ, The fun part is writing Pslams for God!

The SSS Broadcast is ready to be aired on the radio, I am going to try and find some stations!

I decided to new songs to the HorrorChip Halloween EP and it is now an LP and I am going to call it "Gruesome" and make new cover art



 total site visits :-)


Since the World did not end in 2012 I started 2013 off by organizing all of my stuff and updating the site :-) and published the album "World Changer" as Mister Thoughts as was invited to LA to perform with Roger of The Assasynths.

In 2014 I made it to Mt. Shasta and saw UFO's up close and then moved to Lodi and made the SSS Podcast season 1 and the LP "A Never Ending Album" before starting College in 2015 and began work on RapSure as Minister Thoughts for I was told to do so by Jarrod and Remedy (Remedy went to high school and worked with NWA before they got big) In 2016 I performed at the Eclamation Festival and lost the lyrics to the album twice and after needing to drop out of college and going to jail for things I did not do I am about to finish RapSure and an AA Degree in RTV

Baptism!!! After 24 years I have finally received one and about a month or so afterwards received the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues!

"Blowhole feat. Poop" - Best of 
"Shock!" and "Explanation!" - Heavy Troopa is Ready to Launch
"The Dead" - Rhyme Torrents Halloween Vol. 4
"TBA" - Rhyme Torrents Vol. 10 
"Shirt Stain" 2006
"Synthetix" 2006
"Purpose" 2007
 "Press Start" 2007
"Ninja Cutz" 2009
"A HorrorChip Halloween" 2009
"I'm Back" 2009
 "Live" 2010
 "Sophmorecore" 2011
 "Dark Jedi" 2012
  "The Cookie Monstrosity" 2013
 "World Changer" 2013     
"A Never Ending Album" 2014
"Gruesome" 2019
Coming soon!
"RapSure" - 2020

2015-2019 Hiatus to Success

February 18th 2015 I have now been alive for a quarter of a century!!! Enrolled into Delta College and moved back to Stockton and began a new album.

As 2016 came around there has been a flux in existince, at the turn of the new year things changed, a force swept through, I am still standing for the LORD JESUS. To be ready for his return, prayer and fasting, even though it may be difficult (he understands) helps. Please Holy Spirit, guide all of us to be ready for the Marriage Supper of the Lamb in the name of Jesus Christ!

During 2016 I performed at X-Fest with over 12,000 people in attendance!

other then that it has been a hiatus from 2015-2019 until 2020 the year of commitment. 

I need to copyright my material, organize and master my work.